Pentacle Cats Abyssinians
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Our cattery, located in the central portion of Connecticut in the rural town of Colchester, is home to our wonderful Abyssinians, our rescues and our big white dog, all of whom graciously share their home with my husband and me.  We breed for health and personality and do not differentiate between our show and pet quality kittens.  All of our kittens are first and foremost raised to be wonderful, spoiled pets, and although most of our kittens would do well in the alter class of any organization, that is not our primary goal in raising kittens.

When you purchase one of our babies, you can be assured that you are receiving a little one who is happy and healthy and who has been raised with the rest of our family. Our kittens are given plenty of love and attention from the moment they are born. 

Pentaclecats kittens may never be declawed - all kittens are sold as pets and must be altered - and we do not ship.  Potential owners must be willing to travel to Connecticut and bring their babies home in cabin.

We breed only the four primary colors.  As the Pentacle symbolizes our earth's elements, it also describes our beautiful Abyssinians.  Our fiery reds are the symbol for the element of fire and our ruddy's are truly the earth.  Our blues suggest the element of water and our ethereal fawns, of course, symbolize the air.  The fifth element, kashi (the spirit) brings the four elements together in harmoney.  It is also the fifth element that makes all of our cats so very special.


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