Ruddicat Abyssinians

Wildstreak Savannahs

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WILDSTREAK SAVANNAHS brings  this exciting new breed to the  Vancouver area of  B.C. Canada. We are old style cat breeders working with healthy lines and offering kittens with full guarantees for health, temperament, allergies, and even a lifetime genetic guarantee.
We have  all-inclusive guarantees because we want new owners who are 100% thrilled to bits with one of our kittens and nothing less. We offer a COMPLETE kitten kit that includes the airline fare to new home,a personal walking jacket and leash, traveling kennel, food and litter sample, a personalized care guide and health record,  and basically everything you need for your perfect pet.
We raise F1-F5 savannah kittens in the traditional golden and black spotted but we also have rare Snow lynx kittens and Melanistic (Black) kittens. ... our little panthers !
We can ship within Canada and the USA and are familiar with international requirements for crossing borders with these exotic pets. Please see our website for our available kittens and ask to be put on our NO DEPOSIT/NO COMMITMENT wait list for an upcoming litter !


RUDDICAT ABYSSINIANS has been breeding healthy colorful companions since 1982. Our Abyssinian cats are known for affectionate and very outgoing personalities, eye catching appearance, and longevity. We guarantee all of our babies for Health, Temperament, Allergies, and we even have a LIFETIME genetic guarantee. We love these cats and know that if you are looking for an active and interactive companion you will be thrilled with one of our kittens. They come pre-spoiled by us, pre-socialized by the dogs, pre-mauled by the grand-kids, and with a tiny bit of pre-training by their overindulgent mothers ! They also come with a complete kitten kit including a personalized walking jacket and leash. Our kittens love to travel by car, air or boat and easily go from our home to yours with a minimal adjustment period of less than 10 minutes ! Please see our website and then ask to be put on the wait list for our next litter.


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